Love It? Humm It – Payment Plan

Are you wanting to deck out your rig with Humm Payment Plan? No worries! You are in luck! Tyrant 4×4 Accessories accepts Humm Finance as a payment option so you can purchase your gear without stressing about paying everything upfront!

It’s easy set up a Humm “Big Things” Account and possibly get a pre-approval of up to $10,000. You may also apply for instore up to $30,000.

When you shop online on our website, simply

1. Add the accessories to cart

2. At checkout, choose humm as your payment method

3. Complete your humm purchase

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Need some inspiration of what to put on your rig? No worries, check this video down below and if you have any inquiries, make sure you give us a ring or email us on 1800-860-680 or

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