A way to ensure you always get out of trouble.

Winch & Recovery Gear

  •  Rope is made of anti-stretch material
  •  12V electric winch with 12,500lbs pulling capacity
  •  Abrasion resistant, no kinks, curls or wire splinters
  •  Waterproof motor and gear box
  •  Waterproof / Dust proof and UV resistant rope
  •  heat resistant sleeve to protect exposed rope

Facts & Features of Winch & Recovery Gear

  •  Specially coated to prevent from slipping off the winch drum
  •  Made with Dyneema SK-75 fiber. 1/7th the weight of a synthetic rope of the same diameter
  •  Comes with installation manual for easy fitment
  •  Extension cord controller easily fits with bull bars
  •  Comes with different accessories to handle any situation you may find yourself in

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